Trail Riding

Our riding program is the focus of most vacations on the Ranch. 

We offer great flexibility to cater to each of our guests interests.  Several trails are utilized on our trail riding program, including a 1 hour, 2 hour, and a half day ride.  If it’s the actual cattle ranch work that intrigues you, we’ll have you join us while we move cattle.   Each ride is unique in its scenery, sounds and history that it holds.  We have 10,000 acres to explore and lifetimes of stories to be told.


Kids 8 and older are welcome on the trail rides, it’s up to the head wrangler if your child is interested in moving cattle.  Kids under 8 can learn to ride with a wrangler in the arena.  Helmets are provided for all of our riders.  If you wish to ride without a helmet we ask that you read and sign our release of liability form.




Hourly Horseback Rides 2018

If you’re not staying with us, but wish to take a horseback ride, we do offer hourly rides.
1 hour ride – $40.00/person
2 hour ride – $65.00/person
3 hour ride – $90.00/person
1/2 day ride – $115/person
Reservations are recommended
Minimum age – 8
Maximum Weight – 250 lbs.